CellAED Speaker Session from ESS - CorMed-DX

The future of AEDs

Speaker session at The Emergency Services Show from Dr Steven Brooks (MD, MHSc, FRCPC) - Chief Medical Officer of Rapid Response Revival manufacturer of CellAED®

Dr Steven Brooks discusses why the world’s first personal defibrillator – CellAED® was created and the problems it’s solving, and unveiling much-anticipated detail on how CellAED® delivers a shock.
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your handheld, smart, personal defibrillator
for every home, business and community.

Snap Peel Stick TM to apply in seconds


Be prepared and confident to act quickly to save a life. CellAED® can be applied to a patient in seconds.

Graphics show how to apply the device on both adults and infants.

A perforated label marks the place for easy snap activation.

Audio speaker gives instruction on what to do, every step of the way.

Infant mode button for use on infants weighing less than 10kg.

Length: 19.6cm
Width: 9.3cm
Depth: 1.7cm
Weight: approx. 300g

LED indicator with periodic blinking showing the status of the device.

It's as easy as...

Snap Peel StickTM to apply in seconds.


Power the device by snapping in half along the perforated centre line. This will automatically start the audio instructions guiding you on what to do, every step of the way.


Remove the protective liner under the device by continuing to separate the two halves. This will expose the integrated gel pads and extend the connecting cable.


For adults, place each half of the device on the bare chest (as shown). For infants, place one half on the infant’s chest and the other half on the infant’s back.

CellAED® in action with voice prompts

Product specifications

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