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Our products include:

CellAED®️ is the world’s first personal defibrillator. Up to one tenth of the size, weight, and price of conventional AEDs, with no maintenance required, CellAED®️ is designed to reduce unnecessary deaths caused by out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. CellAED®️’s unique Snap Peel StickTM design means that the device is quick and easy to use, even by someone with no medical training. 

Until now, AEDs have been too advanced to use, require maintenance, and are too expensive. We have fixed those problems, making the CellAED®️ personal defibrillator easy to activate and affordable. The compact design means you can bring the device with you wherever you go and it is always ready to use.

To ensure the longevity of your device, we offer the CellAED for lifeTM Membership.

Being a CellAED for lifeTM member is designed to give you peace of mind, so that you and your CellAED®️ will always be ready if you are called into action; it also helps to provide answers after the event, if needed. This annual membership includes complimentary replacement of your CellAED®️ prior to the shelf-life expiry of your old device, replacement of your CellAED®️ upon use, and monthly device status updates on battery and storage temperature.

Want to practice using your CellAED®️ so that you are optimally prepared for every scenario?

The CellAED TrainerTM is a reusable training device designed to help you safely practice the application and use of your CellAED®️ product. It’s a replica of the actual AED to ensure that users can educate themselves and their teams on the best practice for using the device, ensuring that they are fully prepared for a project roll out. The CellAED TrainerTM App features audio voice prompts, instructional videos and specialised modes to test your knowledge on exactly what this device can do to save a life.

Education and training is vital in our specialist industry. We understand that it’s essential for teams to be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to be confident to perform life-saving treatment to a patient in high pressure environments.

Thanks to the IFAB™ and CorMed-DX, it is now possible to carry an AED, as well as life-saving bleed control kit including the ‘Big Four’ you’ll need to control traumatic haemorrhaging wherever you go.

The first-of-its-kind Individual First Aid Belt (IFAB™) gives users unparalleled peace of mind knowing that they have the core equipment required to save a life on their person, at all times.

CorMed-DX has partnered with dynamic. to create and deliver high impact online learning, a highly effective way to drive greater efficiency, knowledge, productivity and profitability throughout your organisation. Bespoke elearning courses can be completely customisable, so we can tailor the solution to your organisation’s specific needs.

CellAED, Snap Peel Stick, Its personal and Time is Everything are trademarks and property of CellAED Life Saver PTY LTD and used with permission

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