CellAED available on the NHS Supply Chain from CorMed-DX - CorMed-DX

CellAED available on the NHS Supply Chain from CorMed-DX


The world’s first personal defibrillator, CellAED, will soon be available to UK Government departments, agencies, and services through the 2023/27 NHS (National Health Service) Supply Chain.

From 31 July, all NHS, broader UK Government, and private sector services that rely on NHS Supply Chain for healthcare equipment will have access to CellAED from CorMed-DX via framework number ITT_1006.

CellAED is the only AED offered under the new NHS Supply Chain category of Personal Defibrillator, which was created specifically to accommodate CellAED in recognition of the new technology’s unique design and features.

Slightly larger than a smart phone, and weighing approx. 450 grams, CellAED is designed for portability and rapid deployment. Its proprietary ‘Snap Peel Stick™’ activation means it can be applied to a patient in seconds.

The UK is one of the first places in the world to get access to the Australian-designed CellAED. CellAED’s official agent to the NHS, CorMed-DX will be exclusively responsible for representing the new ground-breaking technology to purchasers via the Framework.

“I am thrilled to be involved with CellAED, the inclusion on the NHS Supply Chain is an exceptional achievement and a true testament to the hard work by both Rapid Response Revival in designing the world’s first personal AED, and CorMed-DX for their commitment to make UK customers some of the first in the world to get access to this unique product “ – Craig Hall, CorMed-DX MD.

For more information on CellAED or CorMed-DX, see the contact preferences below:

Email: info@cormed-dx.com
Phone: 08003317999

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