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CorMed-DX Partners with tac:life

products designed to save lives - world's first body worn AED and bleed control kit

CorMed-DX are delighted to be working with tac:life – specialists in close protection and Military wearable tech. 
Together we are designing multiple carrying systems to store and transport CellAED.

Founded in 2022, tac:life is an agile business inspired by the lived experience of military and close protection veterans.

“We understand the challenges of modern life and have developed a range of robust, functional and low profile carrying systems including the world’s first wearable AED and bleed control kit. Our products are equally at home in hostile environments, on the street, or in the workplace.

Our solutions are highly modular and adapt easily for overt or covert personal wear: under a suit, over your combat kit, or on a K-9 harness.

We have launched to market with our two base products: the IFAB MED and the IFAB AED but have many more applications already designed and ready for production.

We are committed to ensuring that our core product manufacturing and assembly happens in the UK.”tac:life

CorMed-DX and tac:life will continue to work together to develop these initiative carrying systems to ensure first responders have quick and easy access to the vital equipment they need to save a life in an emergency. 

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